• X-Ray Tubes

    Long-life, high reliability
    and cost-effectiveness

    X-Ray Tubes Product image
  • X-ray Imaging Intensifiers

    High resolution, high brightness,
    long-life, high reliability
    and cost-effectiveness

    X-ray Imaging Intensifiers Product image
  • X-ray Flat Panel Detectors / FPD Modules

    Excellent Sensitivity &
    Resolution Excellent Image Quality
    Excellent Reliability

    X-ray Flat Panel Detectors / FPD Modules Product image
  • Microwave Tubes/Power Grid Tubes

    Optimizing the characteristics:
    frequency, efficiency, amplification, and oscillation,
    our design simulation technology realized high efficiency
    and high output by setting the target frequency.

     Microwave Tubes / Power Grid Tubes Product image
  • Radiation Detectors

    Long life and high stability
    Shock-resistant structure

    Radiation Detectors


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