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Committed to your health and safety

Hironori Nakamuta

Since Canon Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd. started sales of Japan's first X-ray tubes in 1915, we have continued to provide high-quality and reliable cutting-edge electron tubes and devices to meet the needs of society.

Today, with the growing demand for enhancement of healthcare, development of a safe and secure society, and conservation of the global environment, technologies capable of meeting such challenges are becoming increasingly important.

With the goal of contributing to health and society, Canon Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd. develops and provides key components for systems incorporating X-ray tubes, such as clinical diagnostic systems and inspection systems for food and electronic parts, as well as systems used in high-energy research.

At the same time, we will make every effort to maintain the trust of our customers and society, giving priority to life, safety, and compliance in all of our business activities.

Together with our customers, we will continue to advance by further improving our technology and manufacturing expertise and consistently providing outstanding products.

Hironori Nakamuta
President & CEO