Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy of Canon Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

Jan. 1, 2022

Canon Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.—which engages in the electron tubes and devices business and creates and proposes cutting edge key components and solutions in the medical, industrial and scientific fields—makes a concerted effort to address the SDGs throughout its business activities and with respect to all its products and services as well as in accordance with the Canon Group Environmental Charter and our code of behavior, thereby promoting activities that take the global environment into consideration.

  1. We consider environmental stewardship to be one of management's primary responsibilities and promote environmental activities in harmony with the environment and economic activities. We set environmental objectives and targets corresponding to the principal environmental aspects of all our business activities, products and services, and periodically review such objectives and targets, revising them as necessary. We also make a concerted effort to achieve continuous improvement of environmental management systems and environmental performance and to prevent pollution.
  2. We set and apply voluntary control standards that are stricter than the mandatory standards in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations concerning environmental protection and pollution control agreements and to reduce our impact on the environment and the biodiversity within it.
  3. Our products are cutting edge key components used in various apparatuses in the medical, industrial and scientific fields. We emphasize the following in order to reduce environmental impact in terms of both products and business processes.
    1. 3.1Reducing environmental impacts of business activities
      1. (1)We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
      2. (2)We strive to reduce emissions of regulated chemical substances.
      3. (3)We strive to reduce the total amount of waste discharged.
      4. (4)We work to reduce the amount of water used.
    2. 3.2Providing products in which the environmental impact throughout their life cycles has been considered
      1. (1)We endeavor to develop products that have less environmental impact at the usage phase.
      2. (2)We promote product development that takes the 3Rs into account.
      3. (3)We work on product development aiming to reduce hazardous substances.
    3. 3.3Promoting green procurement
      1. (1)We preferentially procure and purchase materials, parts, and products with less impact on the environment.
      2. (2)We work on responsible mineral procurement as required.
  4. We are committed to vigorous disclosure and in-depth communication with all our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, local communities and employees in order to facilitate mutual understanding.

Canon Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.
Hironori Nakamuta

Hironori Nakamuta